Belgian Defence

In the early 1990’s, the Belgian Air Force had a requirement for significant improvements in aircraft availability and, at the same time, to reduce support costs and complement levels.

ILIAS has been specifically designed and built to address these needs and was put into production for the Air Force in 1997. Since then, dramatic improvements have been realised, directly related to the efficiency of the core business processes, the availability of equipment, the cost and the complement levels

Shortly after the moment that our solution software was put in production by the Air Force, the Navy had also seen the benefits and adopted the system in 1998.

As part of a strategic plan, in which the entire Belgian Defence organization was re-structured; the Air Force, Navy and Army ceased to exist and became the Air, Navy, Land and Medical components, with a number of shared functions like Material and Human Resources. As a consequence, all four components started using one and the same system for the material management of all materials in the organization.

Today, the same system not only manages the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and logistics of aircraft, ships, armoured vehicles but also many other types of material in one system, which clearly demonstrates the systems capability to be used successfully cross service.