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Overload indication for military vehicles thanks to ILIAS I-HUMS

Overloading has a significant impact on the condition of a vehicle, for example, it can cause the tires to overheat and wear rapidly or lead to cracks in the vehicle chassis. The premature wear and tear resulted from frequent overload might also cause the vehicle warranty to become void, since driving overloaded can be prevented by the vehicle operators.


ILIAS Solutions and Lockheed Martin reach agreement on supplier opportunities

ILIAS Solutions announced 15 Sept 2019 that it reached agreement with Lockheed Martin on supplier opportunities. This opens the door for ILIAS Solutions to pursue valuable contracts within the F-35 programme and to provide logistics software solutions to Lockheed Martin and its customers.


Towards a military cloud environment: The ILIAS G-Cloud Project

For many years now, we have witnessed closer relations between industry and the military to better meet the challenges of tomorrow. The driver for defense is to focus resources on the mission rather than the back-office and leverage innovation capability of industry at the highest possible pace. In logistics, the number of PBL cases has been growing significantly over the past decade. Even aspects of operations, such as pilot training and (gate) security are outsourced by several defense organizations.


Demonstrating the ILIAS I-HUMS SYSTEM for the CV90

BAE Hägglunds and ILIAS Solutions share the same vision on Health and Usage Monitoring systems. Introducing more intelligent health and usage information will increase the added value of an OEM towards their military customers. Currently, both parties have teamed up to demonstrate this added value by creating a valid insight into the correlation between usage and the incurred maintenance.


Effective ammunition management from warehouse to operation

Weapons and ammunition are as such a material type with a wide diversity in terms of complexity and use, for example, a bullet next to the guided missile. These complex items require a real-time transparency of processes and many other specificities as demonstrated in a recent research report by Rand about supply chain for training ammunition.

Throughout this article, we will raise some issues that we think are major and how the ILIAS platform offers an instrument to support weapons and ammunition management.


F-35 : Memorandum of Agreement between ILIAS Solutions and Lockheed Martin

F-35: Memorandum of Agreement between ILIAS Solutions and Lockheed Martin

After a Memorandum of Understanding in 2015, ILIAS Solutions has recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Lockheed Martin that comes after almost three years of a fruitful cooperation. This MoA covers the future partnerships if the Belgian governement decides to replace their F-16s by the F-35s.