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Looking back at 2016 

Another year has passed so let us take a moment to look at what has happened. It was a great year for ILIAS Solutions, full of change, growth and a continuing, successful track record.

By implementing the ILIAS Integrated Defense Platform, defense forces throughout the world have continued to do more-with-less. ILIAS has been strengthened by these projects, its partners, customers and colleagues.


Is your TCO too high ?

We all know that cost management becomes crucial for defense organizations because of the budget restrictions and oil price hikes. Moreover, defense is required to deliver increasing efficiency and to demonstrate value-for-money in its information systems. In view of this, a holistic Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach becomes a “must” in complex defense-related programs. 



ILIAS for Lockheed Martin operational

As of 06:00 AM CET on March 31st 2016 the ILIAS application for the Lockheed Martin F-16 Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) team is operational in the production environment. The data migration of the fleet, setup of initial processes and training of the Lockheed Martin Super Users was performed within eight weeks after the Purchase Order was released to ILIAS.