Conference on Smarter Information Management

We would like to thank everybody who participated and attended this conference. It would not have been a success without you. 

ILIAS Solutions, alongside Lithuanian company iTree Lietuva, hosted an international conference: Smart Information Management Solutions for Mission-Centric Resource Management in Defense and Security. The conference was held on October 1st, 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In the current geo-political and economic climate, where threats have increased and budgets are under pressure, Defence Logistics Information Systems have effectively become strategic tools for defence & security organisations. Countries are driven by the imminent need to reduce costs, without risking operations capabilities and national security.

The conference was organized to present international experience in the development and implementation of Defence Logistics Information Systems, demonstrate actual case studies in NATO countries and discover new cooperation possibilities. The conference provided an opportunity to see new generation IT solutions for mission-oriented management of logistics, which are specialized for the defence and security industry, based on smart-defence principles, and supported by modern business intelligence.

Program Presented

Logistics Strategic Management in Defence & Security
Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director, ILIAS Solutions

In the current geo-political and economic climate, where threats have increased and budgets are under pressure, Defence Logistics Information Systems (DLIS) have effectively become strategic tools for defence & security organisations. This session aims to provide insight into the high level functional and non-functional business requirements that should be considered when defining such a strategic system

Capability Management
Lt Gen (Retd) Frédéric Vandingenen, Former Land Component Commander and Assistant Chief of Staff Operations – Honorary Aide to the King

A defence or security organisation is evaluated on its capability to perform missions. The rst objective of this session is to establish a practical denition of 'capability' in this context. Next, the speaker will discuss how a capability is broken down into components and discuss what the data requirements are, to be able to track and analyse the capability over time. This will provide the audience with a better understanding of the information management systems required to support this vision

Transformational Logistics
Roy Pickerill, Head of Programmes, Morgan Advanced Materials
Ofcer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire FAPM
MIMechE MBCS CEng CITP Group Captain RAF (Retd)

The objective of this session is to instigate a paradigm shift from the traditional stove-piped approach to logistics, towards the Mission Centric approach. This session will also raise the elements to consider when integrating the defence & security organisation with its eco-system of coalition operations on one side and industry partners on the other side

Asset Lifecycle Management
Col Ir (Res) Thierry Jacobs, Belgian Army
Executive Strategic analysis and relations, FN Herstal

This session aims to identify and address key differences in asset lifecycle management in a defence & security organisation compared to industry.
The session will focus on the in-service support phase and will use specic examples. This information will help users identify capable information management solutions. 

Supply Chain Management and Field Logistics
Tom Maris, Business Development Manager, ILIAS Solutions

This session will outline how the operations and training processes drive requirements for the supply chain. This insight will be used to further detail the defence & security specic inventory management and procurement requirements. The second part of this session will further expand the discussion to operational logistics with deployment and transportation. During this session, links will be made to coalition led (NATO) operations and joint MOD/MOI supply chain management

Intelligent Business Operations in Defence & Security
Harald Kokelkoren, former Royal NL Air Force and co-founder of VisionWaves

This session aims to introduce some industry state-of-the-art thinking with regards to performance management, and how it can be applied to defence & security organisations. The session will discuss how to model the defence & security organisation, decide on relevant performance indicators, and how these need to be collected from operational systems. Subsequently, the session will describe how this information could drive performance improvement initiatives in the organisation

Implementation of Mission-Critical Systems: Cost of (Non)Quality
Darius Lazauskas, Managing Director, iTree Group

The aim of this session is to discuss the importance and implications of quality assurance in mission-critical applications. Logistics Information Systems for defence & security organizations must comply with the most rigorous quality standards. The session will discuss how to ensure that such applications perform well and reliable in the face of increasing complexity, evolving technology and budget constraints