ILIAS Solutions brings the single operational truth to Eindhoven Air Base

A proven logistics expertise to support a single operational truth

The Royal Netherlands Air Force selected ILIAS Solutions to deliver an Operational Management System in support of their Air Transport Operations. The contract was signed on 24 May 2017 at Eindhoven Air Base and follows the intention of the Air Base Operations Centre to structure and integrate their planning systems.

“Project 1 Waarheid” (single truth) will facilitate the planning of the Eindhoven Air Base Operations Center, so that all their air mobility planning can be coordinated out of a single environment. This includes the process from the moment a request for a mission is received until the mission is evaluated. Besides missions from EATC, flight ops training will be covered too.

The project involves a unique operational solution besides offering a common user interface, it will integrate both Operational Management Systems of EATC and the RNLAF eliminating the use of numerous stand-alone spreadsheets and information papers. The single truth will reduce the chance of errors, resolve conflicts, save time and money, directly communicate changes and most importantly, allow smart planning and analyses.

“ILIAS's mindset is similar to ours at Eindhoven” said Capt Tibor Loke, Flight Coordinator Royal Netherlands Air Force. “They think outside the box, they think with you and create the solution you want and not the other way around.  Ninety percent of flying operations is a logistics matter. We like the idea that ILIAS uses their proven logistic expertise in favor of operations and is creating for us the single operational truth”

Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director of ILIAS Solutions said: “Eindhoven Air Base Operations introduced their single truth idea to us last year which perfectly matched our view on operations. A pilot project proved the ILIAS suite and capability to interface with the existing Operational Management Systems. In the coming year we will implement our solution step by step allowing configurable user workspaces and working with the same data over different systems and networks”

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