ILIAS Solutions wins the IFS Innovative Partner of the Year EMEA award 2017

We have the pleasure to announce that ILIAS Solutions has been recognized as an IFS Innovative Partner of the Year for 2017 by showcasing the Defense Capability Management solution (DCM) build on the IFS EOI technology.

About ILIAS Defense Capability Management

DCM consolidates years of best practice and makes this know-how available to the ILIAS User Community. DCM documents the core processes of an integrated Armed Forces’ value chain (the Defense BizMap), linking them to Defense-own roles and responsibilities and making them measurable by (de facto) standard Defense Key Performance Indicators (KPI), e.g. performance metrics defined by USAF, NATO and business models like the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR).

"We found a powerful instrument in IFS EOI to complete our Defense Platform with the ILIAS Defense Capability Management (DCM) layer. DCM drives our agile implementation approach and leaves our customers with a smart performance management instrument after implementation, operational at day one."

Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director of ILIAS Solutions


If you want to know more about our Defense Capability Management solution and discover how it helped the Fuerza Aérea de Chile to improve their aircraft availability by 20%, just request for a demonstration.