Managing military capability in the age of big data

One demand, too much data

Updating or replacing military systems requires much more than just buying the latest equipment with more sophisticated features. These updates involve complex processes with consequences to defense budgets, personnel, infrastructure or inventory creating a continuous stream of data.

Process performance, condition of vehicles or spare parts, status or availability of aircraft are some of the data settings affecting military capability. Unfortunately, many defense organizations are not prepared to deal with this continuous data stream and lack the tools to compare the data, make the right analysis or have a clear overview on their capability.

Is big data the future of Defense ?

Despite all that, advanced analytics is becoming more instrumental for MoDs and OEMs for serving the capability that defines the effectiveness of a military force.

For Defense, big data and analytics are not only trends, they are boosting readiness and capabilities all over the world. We can mention as an example the South Korean ministry that reduced about US$22 million of its military personnel operating costs in 2016 thanks to big data analysis.

Map, Monitor, Manage

Defense Capability Management is used to map, monitor and manage military organizations in order to make the most of their data. Furthermore, advanced analytics can assist with providing an holistic view on MoDs operations at any level and in real-time.

"Big data is a theme that has already been hot for several years, but it only makes sense when the data is viewed within your relevant context. What does it really tell you? With DCM we provide a decision support framework that continuously evolves with the focus on your military context. We are continuously doing the homework so you can make better decisions faster right from the get-go; let the data flow"

Harald Kokelkoren, Director at ILIAS Solutions


If you want to know more about our Defense Capability Management solution and discover how it helped the Fuerza Aérea de Chile to improve their aircraft availability by 20%, just request for a demonstration.