Defence Platform Diagram


ILIAS Solutions is focused on developing management solutions for the military. Since the mid-1990s, our Defense platform has been used by organizations worldwide.

Our products allow armed forces to manage their capabilities and we assist the defense industry in carrying out their customer contracts successfully.

To achieve mission readiness efficiently, we provide systems that integrate 3 key areas: Human Resources, Financial Resources, and Materiel Resources.


Operations Icon

Our Defense platform assists in monitoring your capability levels and supports the management of your air, land, and naval fleets. It allows you to schedule your missions and flights, and supports logistics and deployment.

The ILIAS Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management solution covers the information management requirements of a military organization that needs to prepare and optimise its fleet for operational readiness and availability.

ILIAS supports deployed operations. Our solutions manage the preparation of logistics, transportation and the tactical shipment of systems and materiel into theatre to support missions.


Materiel Icon

ILIAS Materiel Management solution covers the definition and identification of systems and materiel, ranging from low cost items to complex high value assets. ILIAS supports the standard NATO codification out of the box. The platform supports specific Defense materiel like uniforms, ammunition, fuel and real estate with their data needs and managerial requirements.

Extended functionality allows you to define complex asset configurations and document changes throughout their life cycles. We integrate with Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) which is a key tool in predictive maintenance and analytics.

Our Defense platform includes work order management for corrective maintenance and support for complex scheduled maintenance and modification programs. 


Personnel Icon

ILIAS Personnel Management solution let you manage staff and monitor availability, skills, qualifications and kit so that they are geared up and ready when required.

Precise control over the operational readiness of Air Force crews is provided by the ILIAS Aircrew Training Management solution. It supplies insight into current mission-critical qualification levels and training requirements.

Likewise, our Workforce Training Management solution allows you to monitor the qualification levels of skilled technicians. In this way, the Defense platform helps to mitigate risk and specifically supports airworthiness of the Air Force fleets.


Budget Icon

ILIAS Budget Management solution offer a graphical and intuitive user interface that lets you manage your organization's budget and create transparency on spending and availability of funds.

The budget modules support the setup of the yearly budget over different systems, organizational units or contracts, and tracks expenditure against the different parts of the budget.

The complementary modules provide functionality for the management of large multi-year investment programs.

To learn how the ILIAS Platform can be integrated into your organization, you can visit the Use Cases page.