Solutions for Industry

Industry has become tightly integrated with the defense value chain. Performance Based Logistics (PBL) contracts and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) pose new challenges with regards to information sharing and cross organisational process management. A company with the ability to do this effectively and efficiently will have a competitive advantage.

But what if information management systems and software development are not your core business?

ILIAS Solutions offers industry the possibility to co-develop your own software solution. This software can be based on our existing software components, complemented with your specific business knowledge and tailored to your specific requirements.

Our team can assist you in translating your business requirements to concise software specifications that can be handed over to our software developers.

Once the white label software is ready, we give you the freedom to market it under your brand and we will take care of the maintenance and evolution of the product with you.Each industry solution is different and specific to your situation.

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