Changes in Chile

Effective 1 Jan 2015, ILIAS Solutions has taken over the prime contractor role from Visionwaves at the Chilean Air Force. At the same time ILIAS Solutions has signed an OEM agreement with Visionwaves that allows us to distribute their Delta software under our ILIAS brand. This new ILIAS Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solution combines Business Process Management with Management and Operational reporting. Dashboards and reports are directly linked to operational databases like ILIAS and provide instant overview and insight to all stakeholders in an organization. 

ILIAS Solutions releases Enterprise Solution 20.00

ILIAS Solutions is pleased to announce the twentieth release of its Enterprise Solution software.

ILIAS ES 20.00 is another major release which combines architectural, technical and functional improvements.  A federated architecture has been put in place to integrate data capturing on mobile and on-board devices. A new portal has been designed to smoothly integrate various components. 

ILIAS 18.00 goes live at the Belgian Defence

ILIAS Solutions is pleased to announce that ILIAS 18.00 was installed in production by the Belgian Defence organization on March 18th, and this after three months of intensive testing.

ILIAS 18.00 provides the backbone support for efficient and effective joint management of materiel, personnel and budgeting related information at the Belgian Defence.

For more information regarding ILIAS 18.00, please contact us.


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