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Aircrew Training Management

The Breakdown

Aircrew Training Management is the essential tool for the Ops & Training community. This add-on to Military Flight Scheduling provides precise control over the crew qualification status and training requirements.
Controlling crew qualifications status and currency increases the predictability of meeting operational deployment requirements by having qualified crew available at short notice.

Aircrew Training Management puts you in control by providing the means to match qualification requirements with the most recent crew performance data and turn it into accurate and actionable training management and ops scheduling information.


Included Features


We use an adaptable framework designed to structure procedures and counters which are crucial for obtaining and maintaining a set of qualifications. Create your own qualification structure and select which procedures or counters have to be performed.


The set of flight procedures and counters which need to be performed to obtain a qualification allow setting-up a number of pre-defined flight profiles. These related flight profiles make up a Flight Training Program.



Flight Training Programs help you to optimize the number of training flying hours and landings required to meet your overall training targets at the lowest possible demand for training resources.


Flight profile definitions contain requirements for aircraft types and configurations, flight duration and landings to help plan the requirement and availability of training aircraft.


By meticulously keeping track of crew performance versus qualification requirements, Aircrew Training Management Reports enable you to anticipate and proactively respond to qualification gaps.


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