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ILIAS Solutions deeply regrets the terrible loss of our customer, the FACh, with the recent Hercules incident. Our hearts and minds are with the victims and their families. We lost Chilean colleagues and friends. We will remember them.


ILIAS Solutions lamenta profundamente la perdida de nuestros clientes relacionado recientemente al avión Hercules de la FACh. Nuestros corazones y pensamientos están con las víctimas y sus familiares. Hemos perdido amigos y colegas chilenos.

Los recordaremos siempre.



Clothing & Personal Gear

The Breakdown

Personal gear and clothing management in military organizations can be complex because of the numbers and variations of both uniforms and personnel, as well as the fact that the process links the logistics and the human resources function.

Clothing & Personal Gear management enables your organization to manage uniform inventory levels, employee profiles and uniform entitlements and allowances, issues and receipts of uniforms, and employee loan records.

The system accurately records uniform sales to employees and monitors uniform aging to maintain quality standards and forecast purchases. Finally, the system provides delivery tracking services.


The Benefits of Our Solution



Easily integrate our solution into third-party logistics & human resources systems, as well as tracking technologies.


You can now keep track of various transactions such as loans, returns, allowances and more!



You can manage a catalog of clothing & personal gear, including types and sizes of garments.


Personnel and crew are now identifiable through measurements, unit, grade fuctions and missions.

Clothing & Personal Gear