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Defense Capability Management

A Strategic and Integrated Approach

The defense community is being challenged to deliver their operational missions in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. The prospect of further government cuts to defense budgets requires innovative thinking. A strategic, integrated approach is essential. The trick is to create end-to-end visibility while leveraging existing systems. That is why Defense Capability Management has functionality for numerous aspects of the end-to-end operations.

The Model Engine

The model engine enables an organization to create a model of how it works, monitor its performance according to this model and manage the improvements in the way it works. 


The map provides one single picture that describes your company from End-to-End and from Strategy to Operations. It is a blueprint to define your strategy, processes and KPI’s and is built to reduce complexity and focus on what is really important.


You can view both your Performance and Process in one environment. Your organization’s operational performance is monitored in real-time. Furthermore, it is data agnostic so it is able to leverage existing data systems.


The decision making process is faster and better through proactive and real-time alerts. Model and Data driven Execution workflows support end-to-end process management for more efficiency. 


The Benefits



All your operations in one place. Data gathered from multiple sources. Presented to the right people, at the right time, in the right place. For results that count.


Color-coded highlights tell you exactly which areas to focus on. All data is provided in a wider context, so you can regain control of your business.



Gone are the days of massive reports and number crunching. All you need to make that important decision is the data right there on your screen.


Cope with unexpected changes. Move with your target. Change your strategy with a single tap. Whatever your needs are, our multi-engine technology makes it happen.

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Defense Capability Management