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The History

Since the mid-1990s, the application has been enhanced and matured to meet the specifications of our defense customers, with respect for international military standards. Today, this provides an almost seamless fit for any defense organization and a solid foundation for a fast and successful implementation, providing defense organizations with an efficiency-enhancement opportunity at an affordable budget while mitigating project and change risk. 

This web-enabled application runs on a three-tier architecture with a robust and reliable technology stack and with a web-based user interface for maximum scalability and manageability.

The Breakdown

ILIAS Defense Logistics is a software application specifically designed to cover the requirements of a defense organization that needs to manage its resources for optimal Operational Readiness. It covers the domains of Operations, Materiel, Personnel and Budget.

Defense Logistics gives you the ability to manage your organization’s personnel, budget and operations. It is also flexible, so you can integrate our software into your defense organization with our platforms or into third-party software.

We focused on optimization so you are operationally ready with tools for mission planning, execution and debriefing. And all of this is done with ease of use in mind, so our software can be used by anyone.


The Focus


Operations & Training Management provides maintenance managers and operational units with the tools for mission planning, execution and debriefing as well as the management of performance plans, and performance logging.


Material Management components cover the various aspects of the definition and identification of material in the system, ranging from simple low cost items to high value assets with complex structures. These materials can be consumables or repairable materials, lot followed-up and serialised assets. Any type of defense relevant materiel could be supported, from simple consumables to complex equipment. Examples include: uniforms, ammunition, fuel and real estate with their specific data elements.



Human Resources functionality is designed specifically to support the ILS processes with key personnel data. Human Resources data is an essential input determining the organizational availability and overall readiness.

Timesheet, Leave & Absence together with Entitlement Management and Security tools are the main functions supporting personnel data provision.


Budget & Finance module helps track the procurement of materials and services from external vendors against the budget and can be used for budget execution.

Each department, unit or sector is able to get a clear and up to date picture of the budget available, within their area of responsibility, in order to improve budgetary compliance and control.


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Defense Logistics