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ILIAS Solutions deeply regrets the terrible loss of our customer, the FACh, with the recent Hercules incident. Our hearts and minds are with the victims and their families. We lost Chilean colleagues and friends. We will remember them.


ILIAS Solutions lamenta profundamente la perdida de nuestros clientes relacionado recientemente al avión Hercules de la FACh. Nuestros corazones y pensamientos están con las víctimas y sus familiares. Hemos perdido amigos y colegas chilenos.

Los recordaremos siempre.



Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management

The Breakdown

Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management covers the information management requirements of a military organization that needs to manage its fleet of vehicles towards optimal operational readiness.
Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management connects the world of operations with the world of sustainment. Graphical status boards, maps, Gantt charts and mobile applications provide an intuitive user interface for the operational community to plan, execute and debrief missions. Our comprehensive and mature functionality supports the maintenance community in their activities.


The Benefits


Now you have a comprehensive view of availability, location, configuration and ownership of the entire fleet via graphical and highly intuitive screens.


You can look into the details of usage, maintenance and reliability provided by a comprehensive and mature information system designed for the military.



Our scheduling application is designed with Fleet Managers in mind, keeping all important information centralized.


Your fleet usage is optimized to ensure that the right vehicle is assigned for the job, every time.


To learn more about Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management, you can collect a brochure below.

Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management