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The Breakdown

Fuel managers need accurate information on fuel inventory in order to maximize the readiness of their operations. This is crucial because fuel accounts for over 70% of tonnage moved onto a battlefield. As such, in order to generate accurate budgets and schedules, fuel information needs to be monitored.

Military Fuel Management manages fuel transfers in your organization, monitors your fuel inventory and generates reports for ease of sustainability.

Included Features


Military Fuel Management allows you to set up a multitude of resources, that you can obtain fuel data from. These resources include sites, organizations, products, pipelines, tanks, dispensers and other equipment. The solution provides a simple graphical user interface for managing the characteristics of various resources, such as the minimum and maximum fuel levels of tanks, and allows you to make a resource active or inactive. 


Bulk Transactions can be monitored. It can register transactions between pipelines, tanks, tankers and dispensers.  These transactions are used to make product quantity calculations simple. You can also adjust product quantity in case of issues such as leakage or during regular operations such as water drainage. You also have the flexibility to modify transactions, in case changes need to be made.  



End-user transactions allow the registration of re-fueling, de-fueling and adjustment transactions. Just like with bulk transactions, you have the flexibility to adjust fuel consumption after special procedures or accidental product in-flows or out-flows. This will let you make preparations for any unexpected situation. 


Reports provide a detailed overview of an important and extensive range of transactional data. This data can be derived from various data sets such as fuel sites maps, operational maps, transfers from tanks, tankers and dispensers. From this, the reports can generate inventory overviews, issues and receipts overviews and receipt logs.


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Military Fuel Management