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ILIAS Solutions deeply regrets the terrible loss of our customer, the FACh, with the recent Hercules incident. Our hearts and minds are with the victims and their families. We lost Chilean colleagues and friends. We will remember them.


ILIAS Solutions lamenta profundamente la perdida de nuestros clientes relacionado recientemente al avión Hercules de la FACh. Nuestros corazones y pensamientos están con las víctimas y sus familiares. Hemos perdido amigos y colegas chilenos.

Los recordaremos siempre.



Military Flight Scheduling

The Breakdown

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Flight Schedulers and Planners need accurate and timely information about the maintenance and operational status of their aircraft, the current flight schedule and flight line situation of their fleet. Information on crew qualifications and availability is also important in order to maximize the operational readiness of the fleet.

To solve this issue, we created a use case for Military Flight Scheduling.

Military Flight Scheduling is a flight management system that gives all stakeholders in your organization a comprehensive overview of your fleet status, flight schedule and related maintenance activities.

Watch our 30 second introduction video to see how this can be integrated into your organization.



Included Features



Customized maps provide a detailed graphical overview of important infrastructure components of an aerodrome such as the runway layout, active runway indicator, parking spots, engine run-up areas and hydrant fueling spots.


Desktop widgets enable commanders to retrieve relevant management information, such as the mission capability rate of their fleet, without having to open the ILIAS Military Flight Scheduling Solution.



Support of integrated information centralization for your organizational structure, infrastructure, assets, consumables, crew and maintenance activities can be set up in a flexible manner and maintained through an intuitive graphical user interface.


Status boards and Gantt charts provide visual comprehensive overviews of your fleet. Scheduled activities are displayed at a glance, with intuitive color coding differentiating ownership, activity type and operational status.


To learn more about Military Flight Scheduling, you can collect a brochure below.


Military Flight Scheduling