ILIAS, the European backbone for F-35 spare parts distribution

ILIAS is now the European backbone for F-35 spare parts distribution

A few weeks ago, the US Department of Defense has announced that the Netherlands will be responsible for storage, management and shipping of spare parts of over 400 F-35s in Europe. The Royal Netherlands Air Force Logistics Center Woensdrecht (LCW) will be the main responsible for the storage of the spare parts with the participation of more than 70 companies including ILIAS Solutions.



An integrated approach
Being part of OneLogistics, a cooperation of companies in logistics and the driving force behind the project, ILIAS Solutions will be the logistics backbone. Our solutions will be used to carry out several tasks from warehouses and maintenance locations set up, requisition handling, stocks recording to shipment reception.

"The OneLogistics Control Tower system solution is based on the ILIAS system. ILIAS delivers a commercial off-the-shelf software suite to support military commanders in doing more with less."  (Rene de Koning, Co-Founder of OneLogistics)

The equipment storage and maintenance on the F-35 will be handled in an integrated way, ensuring low logistical costs and stocks optimization. It is therefore obvious, that ILIAS Solutions (as an Integrated Defense Logistics Information System) took part in this adventure.


Towards excellence in military logistics
ILIAS Solutions is very proud of this achievement as well as the challenge that this project represents. The crucial role of the logistics platform in the F-35s spare parts management affirms the commitment of ILIAS Solutions to bring excellence in defense information management software and military logistics in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world.

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