Use Cases

Defense Logistics

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Since the mid-1990s, the application has been enhanced and matured to meet the specifications of our defense customers, with respect for international military standards. Today, this provides an almost seamless fit for any defense organization and a solid foundation for a fast and successful implementation, providing defense organizations with an efficiency-enhancement opportunity at an affordable budget while mitigating project and change risk. 

Military Fuel Management

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Fuel managers need accurate information on fuel inventory in order to maximize the readiness of their operations. This is crucial because fuel accounts for over 70% of tonnage moved onto a battlefield. As such, in order to generate accurate budgets and schedules, fuel information needs to be monitored.

Military Fuel Management manages fuel transfers in your organization, monitors your fuel inventory and generates reports for ease of sustainability.

Military Flight Scheduling

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Flight Schedulers and Planners need accurate and timely information about the maintenance and operational status of their aircraft, the current flight schedule and flight line situation of their fleet. Information on crew qualifications and availability is also important in order to maximize the operational readiness of the fleet.

To solve this issue, we created a use case for Military Flight Scheduling.

Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management

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Holistic Vehicle Fleet Management connects the world of operations with the world of sustainment. Graphical status boards, maps, Gantt charts and mobile applications provide an intuitive user interface for the operational community to plan, execute and debrief missions. Our comprehensive and mature functionality supports the maintenance community in their activities.

Clothing & Personal Gear

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Personal gear and clothing management in military organizations can be complex because of the numbers and variations of both uniforms and personnel, as well as the fact that the process links the logistics and the human resources function.

Clothing & Personal Gear management enables your organization to manage uniform inventory levels, employee profiles and uniform entitlements and allowances, issues and receipts of uniforms, and employee loan records.

Defense Capability Management

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The defense community is being challenged to deliver their operational missions in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. The prospect of further government cuts to defense budgets requires innovative thinking. A strategic, integrated approach is essential. The trick is to create end-to-end visibility while leveraging existing systems. That is why Defense Capability Management has functionality for numerous aspects of the end-to-end operations.

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