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Our Technology partner IBM has established an ILIAS Competence Center with staff supporting deployments of the ILIAS Defense Platform. Given its global footprint IBM can support deployment projects wherever they are and provides data migration, cyber security and SAP services amongst others. Furthermore, ILIAS and IBM have regular exchanges in technology areas such as (Generative) Artificial Intelligence and (Hybrid) Cloud Management.

The IBM Global National Security Team, an elite team of industry experts, also stands ready to support ILIAS and her customers focusing on Decision Advantage from HQ to the edge. This team assists ILIAS by providing knowledge and insights to position within our military customers key use cases such as real time asset visibility, supporting the development of alternate courses of action, and conducting what if analysis based on data.

Together these scale a commander’s accurate and timely decision-making ability.

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Tesseract EU is based on the BioPortEurope concept dating back to 2010. BioPortEurope was created in 2010 as a project from Amsterdam Innovation Motor to facilitate Indian life science companies expanding their business into the European market.

The initiative is now called Tesseract EU and operates under the concept of a Control Tower which is a form of cooperation involving different service providers linked by information technology to share skills, knowledge, and access to others’ expertise in non-traditional ways.

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We combine the Tableau tool with our Defense Capability Management standard process model. Together, they provide a powerful tool with pre-loaded best practices and specific know-how on standards, procedures, performance measurement and performance improvement in a defense environment.

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We are an Oracle Gold Partner.

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Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you want to be part of the ILIAS community.