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Customer competence centers face challenges such as:

  • Limited resources,
  • Retaining knowledge,
  • Finding qualified staff,
  • Fulfilling information requests timely while running the systems efficiently
  • Providing flawless 24/7 support to end-users

Today’s ILIAS defense logistics applications are critical in maintaining operational readiness of key assets to support our customers from mission planning to execution. Customer competence centers play a key role in operating the systems effectively in training and supporting end-users to enhance the applications and match evolving needs.

Customers can now turn to ILIAS Managed Services for help.


ILIAS Managed Services includes; functional, technical application and infrastructure and platform managed services.

Functional Application Managed Services support super users such as; incident resolution, new functionality activation, data loads, user training, report design, change request definition and testing as well as small implementation projects.

Technical Application Managed Services provide support for technical incidents, operations and change deployment to ILIAS technology components, middleware and database infrastructure.

Platform Managed Services also covers the secure hosting of ILIAS applications, on-premise, in your data center or the cloud, in cooperation with global or local partners.

ILIAS Solutions has built its Managed Services based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. ITIL is a proven set of best practices and standards for a qualitative and proven approach in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in servicing applications and information systems.

Combining all of the above, ILIAS Software as a service provides customers secure access to a high-end defense logistics or asset management system at an affordable rate.


Functional application management services:

  • Flexible staffing options with dedicated or shared support resources, on-site or remote
  • Broad set of ILIAS applications and IT skills on-demand
  • Save money by paying for what you use
  • Flexible contracting options; time and material, performance based, utility pricing, SaaS
  • SLA on response and incident resolution times

Technical application management services:

  • 24/7 access to skilled resources
  • Planned and controlled patches and release deployments
  • SLA on response and incident resolution times

Platform managed services (ILIAS cloud applications):

  • ILIAS can be hosted on global providers of platform services (Oracle, AWS, etc.)
  • High level cyber security
  • Completely scalable and available infrastructure
  • One-stop-shop for all your ILIAS applications
  • Cost effective; only pay when the systems are used.


Drop us a line about our managed services and one of our expert will contact you.