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A key enabler for the greek block #70 F-16 VIper upgrade

Proven value for both Fleet Management and DLM
Agile capability delivery by a team that understands your needs

Too many “big bang” implementations are done with dramatic changes in very little time, causing instabilities and monetary loss. ILIAS Solutions advocate a methodical progressive process.

For example, ILIAS can first be implemented for a single type of material across all units or to each type of material for a single unit. This allows organizations to significantly reduce the risks and maintain permanent budget tracking. 


Greece is in the midst of an upgrade program right now. The Hellenic Air Force is increasing the capabilities of eighty-four F-16’s, turning them into “Vipers.” This essentially brings the Block 52 aircraft up to the equivalent of a Block 72 configuration.

The logistics for such a project are, to put it mildly, daunting. The Viper upgrades extend to almost every aspect of the plane including the avionics package, radar capabilities, and cockpit display system, all connected by a high-speed data network. The additions also include an advanced weapons package. It’s a project where the details threaten to overwhelm the big picture.

The solution to that potential chaos is a software package by ILIAS Solutions.

ILIAS supports your entire FLEET


The ILIAS Defense Platform uses one single truth database, run by one COTS software code base which is highly configurable, with one major releases per year. Whether on tactical, operational or strategic level, the data that is visualized for you is tailored to your responsibilities, but derived from the same truth data.

Choose our Fleet Management capability now for your operational flight and maintenance planning, logistics, supply chain and much more, you will be able to keep using it without interruption as you implement an ERP. This is possible, because our out-of-the-box Interfaces with industry-based ERP’s will ensure successful transition behind the scenes. This way you can stay on your job and keep us safe, while we reduce implementation risks for you.

This unique features allowed us to establish a long term relationship with MOD’s and OEM’s all arround the world, but also by providing support and continuous improvement efforts. Services include customer support, software maintenance and more.

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