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At ILIAS Solutions, we take care of all the clients to establish a long term relationship by providing support and continuous improvement efforts. Services include customer support, software maintenance and more. Our goal is to create a community to stimulate collaboration and involve our customers to shape the future of ILIAS Solutions.


European F-16 Training Center

ILIAS Solutions, alongside other subcontractors, has been selected to provide crucial support for the first European F-16 Training Center. ILIAS supports logistics and sustainment, training management and flight scheduling.

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Together with Damen Naval, ILIAS Solutions established the Autonomous Asset Management (A2M) product. A cutting-edge technology powered by ILIAS Solutions and designed to enhance naval operations on shore and on board a vessel. Additionally, Damen contracted ILIAS for service management.

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Indonesian Air Force

ILIAS Solutions provides the Fleet Management capability to the Indonesian Air Force (IDAF) for the F-16 Fleet. ILIAS facilitates end to end control, from operations to maintenance and inventory management.

Royal Australian Air Force

ILIAS Solutions augments the RAAF Fleet Management capability in partnership with Lockheed Martin Aero by integrating F-35 ALIS / ODIN data with the ILIAS Defense Platform, enabling enhanced fleet planning, scheduling, and control.

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Bulgarian Air Force

As part of the acquisition of their F-16 Block 70 fleet, ILIAS is designated as the fleet management tool for operations, maintenance, inventory and supply chain management.

LOTN is a Slovakian MRO company that has served a number of Air Forces worldwide and overhauled hundreds of both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft of multiple OEM platforms. ILIAS has been contracted to provide the Depot Level Maintenance capability.
Slovak Air Force

Lockheed Martin has chosen ILIAS to support the implementation and sustainment of the new Slovak F-16 Block 70 fleet, minimizing its logistics footprint while assuring mission readiness at all times.

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Hellenic Air Force

The ILIAS Depot Level Capability is deployed by Lockheed Martin to facilitate the Hellenic F-16 Viper Upgrade Program.

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OneLogistics leverages ILIAS as their OneLogistics System (OLS) to manage the European Regional Warehouse for F-35 spare parts. Additionally, OLS is also used to facilitate other OneLogistics customers such as Tesseract for the medical supply chain.

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Lockheed Martin

ILIAS Solutions is working closely with Lockheed Martin to enhance the sustainment capabilities of several worldwide fleets, including advanced aircraft such as the F-35 and F-16.

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Fuerza Aérea de Chile

In 2006, the Fuerza Aérea de Chile (FACh) procured our solution with an F-16 fleet. Today, ILIAS is the single logistics system of the Chilean Air Force.

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ILIAS was chosen as the best available COTS solution for NATO's AWACS integrated Logistics Support Program PILS. Since the go-live, ILIAS has become the integration platform to replace multiple organic legacy NATO applications thus expanding its footprint.

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Belgian Defense

ILIAS has been built to address all logistics needs of the Belgian Defense. The ILIAS Defense Platform was put into production for the Air Force in 1997 and now supports the core processes of the entire Belgian Defense organization, end-to-end.

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