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In 2016, LM selected the ILIAS Solutions Logistic Management System for their new F-16 customer who had procured 38 F-16 C/D aircraft from Lockheed Martin. This system is used to perform the weapon system management in support of all sustainment efforts of the new fleet.

The implementation contained migrating the fleet and initial training of the Lockheed Martin staff and was successfully performed within the year. The new F-16 fleet was located at two sites; the US at Tucson International Airport and one in country while delivery of new F-16 ‘s continued during implementation.

While our staff trained Lockheed Martin staff in Tucson, the new F-16 user was trained in country by Lockheed Martin. Within three months of the project start, the F-16 fleet at the US site was migrated into ILIAS and in use; safeguarding the airworthiness of the F-16 fleet.

Through our fast-gained knowledge and experience, the Lockheed Martin staff safeguarded a successful migration of the remaining fleet in country later that year. They now had tremendous transparency and visibility with the confidence of knowing their entire team is looking at the same data, to make decisions.

Today, ILIAS is the unique proven Logistic Management System of the Lockheed CLS program and its customer.


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