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HARDWARE - S220425 - SER Server Hardware

ILIAS S220425-SER Server hardware

The S220425 Server hardware includes all hardware and software to operate the ILIAS defense software for the 50 concurrent users.

Three host servers are set-up in a ‘high availability’ configuration. A failure of one of the servers will not cause downtime for the users. A VMware vSphere cloud computing virtualization platform provides virtualization and centralized management for the 3 server hosts. The virtual servers run MS Windows Server 2022; A total of capacity of 316 vCPU, 1,920 Gb RAM, 21 Tb Storage, and 64Tb backup storage is available. This supports up to 50% future growth.

For the data storage Nimble Adaptive Flash (AF) arrays are provided.  They combine traditional magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs) with solid-state drives (SSDs) in a hybrid configuration that provides an economic alternative that approaches the performance of all-flash storage. 

A backup solution includes VEEAM backup software, on-disk storage for 64 TB and an automatic tape loader.

Connection to the end-user network is secured by a Fortinet firewall.

The server hardware is rack-mounted, and provided with Type F / 230V 50Hz power plugs.

A 5,000 VA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system allows for the servers to shut down gracefully in case of power disruptions and provides an average run-time of 30 minutes before shut-down.

All hardware is assembled, configured and tested for operational use of the ILIAS software suite and includes documentation, set-up procedures, and on-site assistance to connect to the end-user’s local network. 


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