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Keep the correct amount of safe ammo in the right place with the ILIAS Ammunition Management Solution. Our embedded smart sensors allow zero-tolerance for the management system, guaranteeing trustworthy and predictable ammunition information.

Ammunition is a valuable commodity and product that must be safely secured. Every year, millions worth of ammunition is destroyed based on a theoretical model of expiration issued by the manufacturer or a visual inspection of the returned ammunition.

Destruction and repurchase costs money and generates greater waste of resources as well as the vital importance that ammunition can be safely used for deployment.

NATO calls this the S3 philosophy: Safe and Suitable for Service. Because there is no available data to which the ammunition is exposed (temperature, humidity and shock), existing theoretical models are used. Safety is compromised if ammunition is exposed to conditions that accelerate the degeneration while the theoretical expiration date of the ammunition has not yet been reached. The use of the ammunition might seem safe, but unfortunately that is not the case. These unsafe situations must be prevented.


To gain real insight into the actual state of the ammunition and what conditions the ammunition has been exposed to, ILIAS uses its intelligent Health and Usage Monitoring Concept, proudly named I-HUMS®, along with technology, adapting sensors, data transfer modes and algorithms to the specific requirements of ammunition management.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Insight & oversight: Know exactly what munition is stored on what location and what the status of the ammunition is.
  • Safety: Actual information of conditions the ammunition has been exposed to and the impact of this exposure to the suitability for use; knowing if the ammunition is still safe for use.
  • (Cost) Efficiency: Preventing useable ammunition from being destroyed, saving money and prevent waste of resources.


To make this end-to-end solution possible, we teamed up with Fujitsu and TNO. Fujitsu has knowledge and experience with sensors capturing data during temperature, humidity and shock in the ammunition environment. TNO has experience with testing of degradation on ammunition and is able to develop algorithms. With ILIAS I-HUMS, we’re able to translate the actual conditions the sensors capture with the algorithm into consequences on the safety and suitability of use.

Within our Enterprise Suite, we can perform the ammunition management and show the traceability of decisions that were made on the expiration date.

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Drop us a line about your interest in ammunition management and one of our expert will contact you.