ILIAS Solutions is proud to announce the signature and kick-off of a new project for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. The objective of the project is to implement and support a Logistics Management System for the CLS (Customer Logistics Support) F-16 program at the Tucson International Airport.

On February 3rd, the ILIAS implementation team has arrived in Tucson, Arizona, to kick-off the project. ILIAS will cover the fleet operations, maintenance, supply and procurement at four designated locations. Program leadership will receive full end-to-end visibility through the ILIAS Defense Capability Management module. The goal is to generate Initial Operational Capability within three months, replacing the current Logistics Management System.

This important milestone marks a new era for ILIAS Solutions with the expansion of its number of managed fleets. It builds further on the MOU signed with Lockheed Martin in September 2015