In Defense, optimizing fleet availability and minimizing maintenance costs have become critical in the current economic and security conditions. Against this backdrop, implementing predictive maintenance is a smart concept to improve performance. 


Predictive maintenance (PM) tries to evaluate and record the condition of vehicles, components and equipment thanks to continuous or periodic monitoring. Unlike interval-based maintenance, PM maximize the availability of the vehicles at the lowest maintenance cost through a constant analysis of data generated by Health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS).


  • Effective and fast decision making : The control and analysis of the field data stream allows the commanders to make the right decision at the right time, based on current (near real time) information.
  • Improved readiness : Operational availability is key for defense and predictive maintenance methodology enables to spot and change defective components before going on missions.
  • Decreased Logistics Footprint: Preventive maintenance can drastically reduce the required logistics footprint, focusing on relevant spares, equipment and skills based on predicted requirements under certain (mission) circumstances.


…is the average availability of a fleet of military vehicles due to bad configuration management, ineffective maintenance, inadequate supply, but moreover lack of reliable data to make these processes transparent and eligible for improvement.

Our concept is to give you a head start by delivering a solution that implements the first steps of data acquisitions and data science, to support further growth.

Based on the ISO-13374 standard, the process starts with the information acquisition from your vehicles’ black boxes and generates suggestions for maintenance actions, based on simple rule sets or a predictive model. After data analysis, ILIAS detects abnormal behavior of your vehicles and tells you what needs to be maintained and when.


Want to know more about our predictive fleet maintenance process ?! 


The Belgian Air Force Days 2016 took place in Florennes (BE) the 25 & 26 June and, as you might guess ILIAS Solutions was present at this incredible airshow!

We were pleased to be at the BAF Days with Air Combat Europe and their Blackshapes which were decorated with our logo for this special occasion. Air Combat Europe is the first organization offering professional Air Combat for everyone in Europe. ACE gives you the opportunity to learn the art of Air Combat by flying with experienced military F-16 pilots with many hours’ of actual combat.

Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director of ILIAS Solutions (left) and Arvin Merrell, Director of Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Americas and Europe Program (right) 

“ILIAS is a trusted partner on the F-16 program and the F-16 logistics and support systems they’ve developed continue to provide proven solutions to F-16 customers around the world,” said Rod McLean, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin’s F-16/F-22 Integrated Fighter Group. “We look forward to growing our longstanding F-16 relationship with ILIAS.”

“Today our solutions embed 25 years of evolution and know-how in managing F-16 fleets. Through this collaboration with Lockheed Martin new customers will leverage this experience and take a leap forward in their fleet management capability,” added Jean-Pierre Wildschut, Managing Director of ILIAS Solutions.

The F-16 was the first platform supported by ILIAS and is the program on which its foundation was built. The company has more than 20 years of field experience supporting F-16 operations.

Pictures and text credits : ILIAS Solutions, Lockheed Martin & Hill+Knowlton strategies