ILIAS Solutions consists of a team of dedicated people in developing, implementing, and maintaining software solutions for the defense industry, with experience in managing complex and sensitive assets maintenance and logistics systems. At ILIAS, we foster an open and transparent work environment where colleagues from diverse backgrounds, ages, and experiences can easily collaborate. While we prioritize delivering exceptional service to our customers and partners, we also believe in enjoying ourselves and having a great time in the office!

Meet our two colleagues, Michiel and Dries, and get their day-to-day job flavor.

Michiel Dewilde at the ILIAS Solutions HQ in Brussels

Michiel began working as a software engineer at ILIAS Solutions two years ago, joining a production team of 20 members. He has an academic background in Industrial Engineering focusing on Electronics ICT from the University of Antwerp, where most of his studies involved programming.

“During covid, it was an exciting time to start. Full time from home, but with many involved colleagues who I could reach out to any time. I quickly felt at ease at ILIAS”. After the pandemic, the option to work flexibly from home continued, with colleagues splitting their time 50/50 between home and the office.”

As a software engineer, Michiel is responsible for bug fixes, software maintenance, and developing new features. “In the team, we work for several customers and we fix the errors on functionality we know best. Also quite often we learn on the job and get interesting new issues.” His work is enjoyable and demanding, as each fix presents a unique challenge. The daily tasks offer a diverse range of experiences. He and the team run a full research, documentation, development, and testing cycle. The job is, therefore, different from one month to the next.


Michiel is optimistic about the future. His manager emphasizes the team’s development and provides new challenges, such as learning new models and expanding software components like inventory and training management. “I take pride in making our users’ day-to-day tasks easier, whether it involves making small or significant changes to the software.”


Would Michiel consider ILIAS Solutions a fantastic place to work? “Absolutely! The atmosphere within the ILIAS team is excellent. My colleagues are friendly, supportive, and we share many laughs along the way!”

Dries Van De Steen at the ILIAS Solutions HQ in Brussels

Dries is one of our integration engineers and started half a year ago directly from the Free University of Brussels (VUB) with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Dries is working on projects related to data upload, data migration, and the integration of ILIAS with external systems.

Dries began at ILIAS in a welcoming environment where open communication and accessibility were valued. From day one, Dries has been able to contribute value to customer projects and put his theory into practice, truly learning on the job. And the scope of his work has snowballed in just a few months.

Recently, Dries worked on a Navy project to obtain sensor data from a naval fleet. In short, the sensor is connected to various assets and systems, collecting the data and then sending it back to the onboard system. Focus is required on interfacing and maintaining a good structure in the ILIAS product.

Although being at ILIAS for a short time, Dries has added great value with the “Rework of the upload framework. “This has significantly improved the usability of the ILIAS system. In seconds, the files are downloaded into a single container, greatly enhancing the user experience.”

Apart from software development, ILIAS places a strong emphasis on personal development. Dries has a list of goals he wants to achieve soon. Most of the time, these goals are discussed with his manager in between other things. However, Dries reflects on them every month. In the near future, Dries can check off the “international project” goal by venturing beyond Belgian borders. “In the long run, I would like to lead a project from start to finish.”

In conclusion, is ILIAS a great place to work? “ILIAS is a great place to work.” says Dries. “The good atmosphere in the office, friendly colleagues, and a relaxed yet business-oriented environment. From day one, you truly feel like a team member where you can express your ideas and vision, adding value for the customers.”

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