BAE Hägglunds and ILIAS Solutions share the same vision on Health and Usage Monitoring systems. Introducing more intelligent health and usage information will increase the added value of an OEM towards their military customers. Currently, both parties have teamed up to demonstrate this added value by creating a valid insight into the correlation between usage and the incurred maintenance. This insight will enable both OEM and the military to take better decisions on availability and maintenance costs.

To keep their customers informed, ILIAS Solutions and BAE demonstrated their I-HUMS Solution during the CV 90 sustainment working group in Örnköldsvik (Sweden).

The purpose of the demonstration was to show the customers that the solution is capable of collecting data with the ILIAS Smart Sensor, securely connect to a predefined access point and transfer the data to a server. Using machine learning, ILIAS Solutions showed it is capable of transforming the data into relevant information to take maintenance decisions.

To achieve this, the demonstration had a representative of all customers (Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Finland) to execute a test drive on the BAE test circuit.

ILIAS Solutions showed the attendees how to download the data.

After having the data downloaded, ILIAS Solutions presented the results of the drives. ILIAS Solutions also presented the different usage by the drivers, demonstrating the capability to distinguish between different users. With the ILIAS I-HUMS Solution, BAE has the capability to measure the impact of the usage on the vehicle. Relating the impact to the operational task to perform, BAE could rate the most efficient driver and present the award to Finland. 

ILIAS Solutions and BAE showed the capability of their I-HUMS Solution giving their customers insight in the correlation between usage and maintenance.

The customers confirmed their interest in HUMS and appreciated the effort BAE made by teaming up with ILIAS Solutions. The ILS responsible for CV90 at BAE Hägglunds, Anders Lundgren, stated the positive feedback he got and enthusiastically concluded that “Even more than one customer acknowledged to have a positive attitude in taking this further in 2019”. By this, the demonstration exceeded even their expectations.