Another year has passed so let us take a moment to look at what has happened. It was a great year for ILIAS Solutions, full of change, growth and a continuing, successful track record.

By implementing the ILIAS Integrated Defense Platform, defense forces throughout the world have continued to do more-with-less. ILIAS has been strengthened by these projects, its partners, customers and colleagues.


Over the past year, we have focused on the essence of our business and articulated this into a clear message to the market.

Today, security is key to our world. Enhancing operational readiness of national security and defense is undermined by scattered information and silo-ed applications, handicapping defense organizations in efficiency and effectiveness, thereby increasing costs.

Performance improvement is about organizational change. Information Technology should be a means to an end and should not distract from or hamper the final objectives of change.

ILIAS Solutions is added value; reducing time and effort, mitigating implementation and change risks, delivering the tools for strategic monitoring and performance management. We constantly combine the technology, business and process expertise of our defense customers and our staff to translate cutting-edge thinking into sustainable and deployable solutions. Smart, reliable and ready.


We focus solely on the defense market, consolidating 25 years of collaboration and experience to develop the best-practice solution for this market. Your desired Defense expertise is embedded in our software, you don’t have to spent huge amounts of effort and time to re-invent this wheel.

Need for a solution that is ready Management Information Systems (MIS) projects are omnipresent, consuming huge budgets and taking decades of effort but with little or no results. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is not compliant in supporting defense core business; bespoke developments are abandoned, jaded and without any valuable result. ERP customizations will cost budget and effort throughout the life cycle; they will not become part of the core COTS product. MoDs and armed forces can neither afford nor accept the risk of failure.

Need for a solution that is reliable Information Management Systems are strategic tools. Like any other strategic asset, reliability is essential and its life cycle should be guaranteed, rationalizing the organizational footprint. Technology, unfortunately, becomes obsolete quickly.

The wish for a solution that is smart In the challenge for a better ROA (Return on Assets) – the ongoing challenge to do more with less – Information Management Systems should keep pace, implementing the latest thinking in process management and making use of the opportunities offered by Information Technology.

That’s why, today more than ever, the three words of our tagline are full of meaning for our ILIAS Solutions Community: loyal customers, dedicated employees, committed partners.