Just like every year, we were much pleased to welcome our customers and partners on the occasion of the User Community Meeting 2019 (UCM 2019).


Celebrating 20 Years of NATO PILS with the ILIAS Community

This year was a special edition because we celebrated 20 years of the PILS Program (Program Integrated Logistics System) at NATO E-3A component.

Since the NATO E-3A component is located in Geilenkirchen, the UCM 2019 was hosted in the nearby city of Aachen which is rich in history and heritage.

During the meeting, we highlighted some of our cutting-edge technologies and solutions made for defense by our experts. ILIAS Defense Capability Management (DCM), the ILIAS Health and Usage Monitoring System (ILIAS HUMS) or the ILIAS Air Operations platform (ILIAS Ops Air) were demonstrated next to our core areas like maintenance, logistics and budgeting. We were also very proud to show the progress of our ILIAS Training Academy and ILIAS hosting on the cloud.

Our new customers highlighted their challenges and how they envision ILIAS Solutions to provide the required solutions.

Next to these presentations, we also conducted numerous interactive sessions and round tables regarding various topics of common interest for our community such as ammunition management, Interfacing with Defense third parties suppliers and finance management.

In this edition, more than ever, we expressed our willingness to bring excellence to military information management software. We have shown the evolution of our defense platform, our focus on customer services and surely our dedication towards helping our growing community to do more with less.


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