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Brussels, 15 December 2020 – Ian Knight will start as of February 1st 2021 as Business Development Manager at ILIAS Solutions. Knight will bring 20+ years experience in fighter operations, sustainment and compliance. His focus will be on solutions for the F-35 community, based on standard components from our ILIAS Defense Platform.  

Harald Kokelkoren, Director Business Development, ILIAS Solutions: I’m very proud that Ian will join my team with his real-life F-35 experience. He will lead our quest to generate valuable solutions for the community. He understands the challenges, knows what needs to be tackled and is passionate about delivering true capability to augment fleet performance. 

Ian Knight is a reserve Royal Netherlands Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel with 20+ years experience in fighter operations, sustainment and compliance. A distinguished graduate in pilot training and top graduate of the RNLAF Weapon School, Knight had the honor of serving in multiple F-16 deployments to Afghanistan. 

After graduating weapon school, Ian served as a RNLAF exchange officer with a United States Air Force F-16 squadron in South Carolina, followed by a position in the Defense Materiel Organization’s F-16 replacement office. Building on his acquisition and fighter experience, Ian was selected as one of the first four RNLAF F-35 pilots, tasked to execute F-35 operational test together with partners from the U.S. Services, UK and Australia. Ian commanded both the test squadron at Edwards AFB and the first operational F-35 squadron at Leeuwarden Air Base.  

 Before taking on the responsibility of F-35 business development at ILIAS Solutionshis final active-duty position was at the Defense Operations Directorate as Deputy Chief of Strategy & Plans. 

 Ian Knight, Business Development Manager, ILIAS Solutions: “I am grateful for the opportunity to become part of the ILIAS team and look forward to working with this excellent group of professionals. My involvement in the F-35 program over the last 17 years has taught me that integrating operations, maintenance, logistics, IT and security is key to effectively and efficiently get the warfighter on target, on time. I believe ILIAS is the integrated solution that many users in the defense industry are looking for. It will be exciting to make it even better.” 

Knight has a bachelor’s degree in applied physics from the Delft University of Technology, a Master’s degrees in Military Operational Art & Science from USAF Air University and completed executive training in logistics at MIT. 



For more information or to arrange an interview, contact: 

Barbara PersoonsCorporate Communication Manager, ILIAS Solutions 

+31 (0)36 75 19 757 



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ILIAS Solutions provides off-the-shelf commercial software exclusively focused on defenseItencompasses over two decades of best-practices, ensuring low implementation cost, time and risk.The ILIAS defense logistics software platform empower military operations and defense industry organizations to minimize the logistics footprint while assuring mission readiness at all times.


ILIAS Solutions supports commanders in doing more with less for both military operations and missions. The platform covers the entire armed forces value chain. It aligns operations, training and missions with maintenance, supply and procurement. The ILIAS software platform allows effective execution of processes, captures key information and enables military commanders to manage their defense capability in accordance with the doctrine and within the constraints of their budgets.


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